Seaside, OR

We managed to sneak in another family beach trip: This time with the May family to Seaside, OR. We were graced with one unexpected gloriously sunny day, little wind, and blue sky. We scored a day of cloudy but dry weather, and a third day of quintessential beach downpour and wind (aka horizontal rain that just about knocks you sideways; that’s the beach I know and remember!). Basically, we got the beach weather sampler, and it tasted great.
Isla got to hit up her favorite Seaside haunts: the carousel to ride the bunny (which apparently is incredibly fast, as fast as papa drives home from work, she tells me), and the Seaside Aquarium to feed the seals. She was disappointed we were not able to also consume fish at the Aquarium, but we promised her higher quality, less rare fish afterwards.
Clive was full of smiles and had no shortage of attention and snuggles, between two doting grandparents, plus adoring aunt and uncle. Clive seems to sleep better when we are away from home. Maybe it’s all the busyness, maybe it’s because he knows his mama needs all the sleep she can get. Either way, it’s very kind of him.
In other news: we’ve discovered one of our chickens is a rooster. He has started practicing his awkward crow in the morning, something that resembles a malfunctioning siren or a cat in heat. He’ll get the hang of it. Until then he’s safe, but once that crow is in full gear… well, there’s no room for roosters in our neighborhood, so we will have to re-home him or consume him.He’s almost too pretty to eat, so let me know if you want a good looking white Crested Polish (pictured below).



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