July 2016

You know that feeling when you haven’t slept for about six or seven months (because let’s be honest, no one sleeps those last few months of pregnancy) and everything you say turns into trailing sentences? And you just hope everyone knows what you’re… yeah? Even my two and a half year old has started finishing my sentences for me because she knows if she doesn’t, my words are left hovering there above us, completely unresolved. Which makes her uncomfortable. Two year olds thrive on dependability, structure, and … some other word that is escaping me right now. I hope that when I fail to express the right words and I’m stretched so thin that I’m physically, mentally, and emotionally falling short, my daughter knows that I love her and am there for her and on her side. Because that’s way more important than me trying to convince her not to pick her nose, or that we need to try to keep the water INSIDE the bathtub. I hope she knows that when I’m digging in stubbornly to these “rules” that I think need to happen, it’s just me grasping for some sense of control over this circus, the same way she digs in about not putting her pants on or going to bed.

These little daily struggles seemed to have cropped up a lot in the past few months… and it starts first thing in the morning. I don’t know if it’s a two year old thing, a sleep deprived two year old thing, or just an Isla thing, but it’s tiring. It’s also amazing, the amount of independence, resolve, and dedication to her goal this little girl has. Her personality, vocabulary, and ideas are so far beyond her two years it amazes me. She is an astonishingly sharp, kind, giving, caring, observant, and insightful person. Each day more facets of her personality are unfolding and showing themselves and our jaw is constantly on the ground.

Clive is now five months. Already. He’s becoming more vocal, teething more, and smiling like the happy little camper he has been since day one. He is a very content little dude, and very calmly enjoys observing what’s going on around him. Clive’s favorite past time is watching Isla. He smiles goofily at her when she starts to pee in the potty and claps in glee that she did it. He squeals when she gives him a tight hug, and clutches at her hair anytime she is in reach. It’s already very evident that Clive worships the ground she walks on and will soon be attempting to keep up with her every move.

This weekend Isla got her first scooter. In one day she went from cautious attempts in the living room, falling over sideways, backwards, and forward, to whipping around our local park path with long, confident strides. Clive has been mesmerized, watching her on her scooter. He’s also mesmerized with food… this boy is drooling and lusting after our meals! I’ve been trying to hold out until he turns six months, but couldn’t help but to share some watermelon rind with him yesterday. He was completely concentrated on the experience, holding the rind himself, and gnawing thoughtfully on the red, juicy fruit while drool dribbled down his front uncontrollably.

I’ve had a lull in taking photos… in part, due to taking a photo editing course online, ironically. It ate up all my “spare time” and energy, rendering me too spent to pick up my camera after concentrating on photo edits every nap time. But I took a few mediocre photos here and there, and so I’ll share them. To let you know what we’re up to. To witness the relationships our children have in their lives, and how lucky we all are to have each other.

We celebrated Jake’s birthday at his parents house. It was his most tame birthday party yet. I apologized that on the actual day we didn’t go out and see fireworks, watching them late into the evening. But he assured me it was alright. He’s had plenty of birthdays like that. But this was the first one as a father of two, and that beat all else. I’m so glad that my children have such a wonderful, loving father and that I have such a dedicated partner, readily helping out with all child-rearing tasks. Cheers to the year ahead of us, Jake! I hope that for what it lacks in crazy, wild adventures it makes up for in love, slobbery kisses, countless stories breathlessly shared on the toilet by our potty training daughter, and lots and lots of morning snuggle sessions.













4 thoughts on “July 2016

  1. Madison you are such a beautiful story teller. I truly love and enjoy getting such vivid insight into ur daily routine and dedication to ur babies, husband and family. We love you mays💕 -Kisa & Sita

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