Posy Quarterman Photography, www.photoposy.com

A type A insomniac without a fun, quiet, challenging hobby is like a caged, hungry lion. Although I’m hoping to eradicate the “insomniac” title that has been mercilessly attached to my identity for the past three plus years, I’m trying to embrace the opportunity it provides. I’m now finding the time to blog. In doing such I hope to give you a peek into our lives, a glimpse through a small window into our family’s heart and soul. The window might be a little cracked and cloudy, or even rose colored at times, as it is my window you’re looking through. It is flawed and sometimes rambles. But I hope that it can let you feel closer, let me feel a little less lonely in the quiet night hours, and provide a way to sum up all the experiences, feelings, and cherished anecdotes that occur in our day to day.

This also serves as a space to record what I want to remember about Isla during this amazing period of rapid growth. Her second year of life will certainly fly by at a dizzying clip, as her first year left us spinning, like we were suddenly ejected out of a teacup ride at Disneyland. Everyone warns you but nothing could ever really prepare you for the way time just slips by. Despite the feeling that our life is racing by, it has a charming, welcomed slow pace. We try to disconnect from technology during the majority of our days, and most of the time do a damn fine job of it. T.V. has been nonexistent in this last year at our house. We have a cell phone bowl to plop our personal devices in, check out of social media, and check in with each other each night. We go on walks and get outside whenever possible. We are creating rituals and traditions each day, week, and year so that our days have a comfortable pattern and regularity to them like a strong, steady heartbeat leads a body through it’s life. That isn’t to say we don’t welcome sponteneity; but we certainly embrace the familiarity of the love we are building in our house and hearts by means of habit.

My hope is that you will find connection amongst these words and photos. Something that triggers an emotion or feeling within you, whether that be recognition, solidarity, joy, or gratitude. I hope that you can learn something, if not about us and what we are experiencing, something within yourself and your own life. This is a space that I’m utilizing to share, and in doing so, invite you to breathe life into these pages with your own thoughts in comments. Technology gives us the ability to connect in a spectacular way with a larger audience, and distribute ideas and love in the blink of an eye. That is why this is not a private journal but a public forum; to share, laugh, and cheers to life and all it’s beautiful imperfections. Happy reading, and thank you for joining us.

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